Nano Grid System for Residential Installation

This “magic end to end bundle” has the capacity of driving two ceiling fans and two tube lights for a period of 14 hours without consuming any power from the grid.  The solution comprises of a 200 w panel, two ceiling fans, two tube lights, a battery bank, SMPS for backup and the necessary electronics.  The ceiling fans and tube lights are capable of being driven directly by solar panels/ battery banks.

Most of the apartment complexes have diesel generator sets for power back up for inside individual flats and also the common areas of the apartment complex. Some use the generators only for the common area, while the UPS is used inside the flats. The good news for residents of existing apartments is that there are easier routes to installing solar nowadays. The even better news is that the cost of solar systems has plummeted (and continues to do so), while retail rates of power continue to skyrocket. The recommended options for apartments are epitomised by the old adage “keep it simple”.   Taller buildings (with less sunshine per apartment) are better off installing a single system for the common area.


Our solution is aimed as a replacement for the existing inverters or back up Generators. The inverters increase the demand on the existing grid because they store power onto batteries and reuse them during power cuts at a cumulative efficiency of about 60%~70%. And back up Diesel generators drive up costs for many households when power plays truant because of skyrocketing fuel prices. 

Our Nano Grid single solar system is installed at few apartment complexes in Chennai to power the common area lighting and ceiling fans.

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