Renewable Energy Sources for Disaster Response and Recovery

During periods of disaster response, localized needs for temporary power can range from 100 watts to 100 kW.  Our Portable solar systems are available in different configurations to meet different needs, not only for disaster relief, but also for temporary/tactical deployments, such as those needed by the military.

The Elli Power Bank is an end to end module, which can be hand carried and transferred to other locations easily. The Module consists of Solar Panel, Battery Pack, Fans, LED tubelights etc. Ideally in an emergency situation, it is best used using Solar Power. Each Module has a handling capacity of up to 1 KW, and can be recharged from any source of power production such as existing generator systems, solar power, or grid energy where available, and recharges completely within no time.

The Solution can provide basic power to small buildings, such as rural huts where access to grid power is unavailable, schools which act as relief camps, or mobile clinics that need modular power on the go.

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