Elli Nano Grid Solution

Manage the power for tomorrows smart buildings

Our Scalable DC Nano Grid Solution for the smart, sustainable homes and buildings of tomorrow.

Our  “Elli ” solar module has the capacity for driving ceiling fans and tube lights for a period of 12-18 hours without consuming any power from the grid.  

Each system consists of a 250 w photovoltaic panel, two ceiling fans, two tube lights, a battery bank, MPPT charger, an SMPS for backup and a supervisory circuitry.

“Elli” is an ideal solution for smart homes, since it covers the lighting and fan usage requirement. The system works at its peak efficiency [around 98%] wherein the solar power provided by the sun is directly used to power the fans and tube lights, while the remaining unused solar power charges the batteries. “Elli” eliminates the need for inverter system.  


“Elli” system operates at “Safety Extra Low Voltage” thereby eliminating shock hazards.   



  • Easy to install, plug and play bundle, can be installed in just few hours  

  • Total independence from Grid connectivity

  • It is not an 8W CFL bulb or a solar lantern, the consumer is provided with a T5 LED tube light and a 1200mm high efficiency ceiling fan.

  • Less accidents and injury,  since the whole system works on low voltage DC

  • Ensures low power consumption and are insulated from voltage fluctuations.

  • Modular based

  • The solution can also be used as a replacement for the existing inverters. The inverters increase the demand on the existing grid because they store power onto batteries and reuse them during power cuts at a cumulative efficiency of about 60%. 

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