Elli Pocket Grid Solution

Our pocket grid solution aims at creating pocket communities which can contribute to saving big energy requirements from the grid. The solution has the capacity to drive ceiling fans, tube lights, motor pumps, RO plants etc. without consuming any power from the grid. This solution is suitable for small communities, gated communities, 1000 home colonies etc.

For more than 100 years, our electric grids have been based on big, centrally-located fossil fueled, Hydroelectric genearting plants or nuclear generating plants, sending one-way flows of electricity down transmission lines to distribution utilities and their customers. 


That’s all about to change. Small municipal communities or gated communities or 1000 home colonies can save big money by relying on its own pocket grid power generation and storage rather than remote and expensive peaker plants. And when enough utilities migrate to this kind of a system, it will change the face of the grid. It will mean more renewables can be deployed, without the intermittency that can cause instability; more grid services can be provided by distributed resources close to load, increasing competition, reducing inefficiencies and opening markets; and more municipalities can take control of their energy purchases and costs. It will also mean more energy resiliency in local communities, where renewable added with proper storage mechanism can provide critical backup power during emergencies.

This becomes a new model that is good for the environment, and brings down costs,

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