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Reducing demand for Energy Requirements through

improved efficiency of devices and procedures and making it smart


Thomas Edison promoted the direct current (DC) for electric power distribution against George Westinghouse’s alternating current (AC) in the nineteenth century, but lost the battle then. Perhaps Thomas Edison was right after all. As new technology develops, it's time to ask the question: should we be using direct current (DC) instead of alternating current (AC)?

It’s really quite amazing how technology has changed the energy landscape. The revival of DC power is just one of several trends that is happening because of the revolution in technology harnessing renewable energy.

Advances in photovoltaic technology have made DC power available in plenty. Eliminating conversions from DC to AC and vice versa can greatly improve the efficiency of the overall system. 

If homes and businesses start using solar PV, fuel cells and batteries as DC sources directly powering their electrical/ electronic needs, including lighting, entertainment and computing, they could not only increase efficiency but also cut grid reliance. It would be extremely difficult and expensive to retrofit today’s bulk transmission system for DC. However, bypassing the AC grid entirely and making ones infrastructure more reliable and efficient (a “nanogrid”) is technically and economically feasible.

The passion to tap the above massive potential, we at Invent have developed a solution that will utilize Solar PV’s DC output and tie it directly to DC-consuming electrical loads, raising efficiencies, reducing losses.



Invent Solutions Private Limited was incorporated in the year 2003 to offer engineering services in the field of embedded systems. Over the years, it has developed its capability in power electronics, motor control and development of special purpose machines. Invent Solutions Private Limited has executed over 100 projects, a majority of the orders being repeat orders from its existing clients, in the textile and automotive engineering industry.
Invent Solutions Private Limited core competency is in the design of electrical drives. It has designed Induction Motor drives, Stepper drives, BLDC Machines drives, PMSM drives etc. Most of the designs required the application to co-exist along with the drive electronics to work seamlessly together.
To harness the efficient use of eco-friendly energy, Invent started its focus on consumer electronics domain since 2010. Our Journey started with low energy home inverters, high energy inverters, solar inverters, grid tie inverters with renewable resources and peaking to “Elli” - A low voltage DC lighting and air circulation system powered from solar panels directly and through SMPS from mains for backup.
To enable the supply even in the most remote regions at market-driven prices, Invent manufactures its products near major business markets in India. The corporate headquarter and the R&D divisions are both based in Chennai, India.


Over the next decade we will design niche solutions for products that enables rapid adoption of the futuristic DC Nanogrids, for a more reliable and user-centered, energy efficient smart world.


The day is not far when homes, governments and businesses start using DC Nanogrids directly powering their electrical/ electronic needs, including lighting, entertainment, appliances, computing and transportation. This will not only increase efficiency but also cut grid reliance.

We develop solutions that will be more user-centric leading to a zero net energy smart ecosystem.

Our pocket grid solution aims at creating pocket communities which can contribute to saving big energy requirements from the grid.

The solution has the capacity to drive ceiling fans, tube lights, motor pumps, RO plants etc. without consuming any power from the grid.

This solution is suitable for small communities, gated communities, 1000 home colonies etc.

Our “Elli ” Nano Grid solution is designed to bypass the Grid dependence and create a more reliable and efficient energy source for your infrastructure.


The solution has the capacity for driving ceiling fans and tube lights for a period of 12-18 hours without consuming any power from the grid.

This system is suitable for individual homes, academic institutions etc.







Our Off Grid system is an end to end solution for mobile, sustainable power requirement - irrespective of the location.

This offers a scalable power solution for small to large energy needs.

This solution is suitable for a rural area where grid power is still inaccessible or emergency aid situations.

How we made it happen

Solar Solutions

Energy independence by generating lower-cost, renewable solar energy, directly powering your energy needs without wastages on conversions. 

LED Lighting

Invent’s LED luminaires are low energy consuming lighting solution that deliver huge long-term savings – and can be integrated with intelligent endpoints to get more out of your investments.


Sensors, motion detectors, IOT enabled , energy load controls and more installed in gadgets and other hardware for smart operation of devices.


Controls platforms go beyond standard on/off cycling. Fixture-by-fixture gadget controls allow your facility to grow and change with you. Easily reconfigure energy zones and light levels without complex and costly rewiring.




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