Off Grid Solar DC Solution

Off grid solar DC systems are great for those who live in remote locations where bringing in the electric grid is extremely expensive or inconvenient. There are others who prefer to not have a monthly bill for their electricity consumption!

When the Grid power is unavailable or too expensive to bring in to your home, Off Grid Solar DC systems allow you to live in peace, with no noisy diesel  generator to disturb the quiet. 


We have designed DC off-grid solar power systems comprising efficient DC appliances. 


DC solar power is less expensive than AC solar power because an inverter is not required to convert the electricity produced by solar panels and stored in batteries from DC to AC.   However our systems can operate on AC power as back up when the DC source drains out.

We have designed different variations of off-grid solar power, depending on your needs and budget. 

For Homes

More than a billion people living in remote rural areas worldwide still do not have access to electricity in their homes. Extension of national electric grids to meet their needs is prohibitively expensive. Multiple solutions involving solar photovoltaic electricity generation, such as solar lanterns, solar home systems (SHS), and solar (AC) grids are being actively pursued to address the energy requirements of these people. These solutions have certain limitations, such as high cost or limited functionality and expandability.

We have designed a Solar DC Nano-Grid or Off-Grid DC solution suitable for rural locations, which attempts to address these limitations by providing basic energy services, while using a system architecture which is modular and future-proof.

For Emergency Aid Situations

The Elli Power Bank is your end to end module, which can be hand carried and transferred to other locations easily. The Module consists of Solar Panel, Battery Pack, Fans, LED tubelights etc. Ideally in an emergency situation, it is best used using Solar Power. Each Module has a storage capacity of up to XXXWh, and can be recharged from any source of power production such as existing generator systems, solar power, or grid energy where available, and recharges completely within 3-5 hours.

The Solution can provide basic power to small buildings, such as rural huts where access to grid power is unavailable, schools which act as relief camps, or mobile clinics that need modular power on the go.

For Small Offices

Our Low Voltage System  gives the best power savings to small offices  and commercial establishments, since they work in the day time when the sun is bright in the sky. The system works at its peak efficiency [around 93%] wherein the solar power provided by the sun is directly used to power the equipments with the remaining unused solar power charging the batteries.  It is to be noted that the Low Voltage system operates at “Safety Extra Low Voltage” thereby eliminating shock hazards.

The electronice devices likes fans or lights are Internet of Things compatible with ambient sensors and fire alarm systems embedded in it, bring in tremendous cost savings opportunities for users.

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